Tenerife Retreat

The AMP Camp

Amputee holidays in Tenerife Spain, Tenerife Retreat


The Tenerife Retreat brings you The Amp Camp which is a unique health, fitness and wellness programme all rolled into a 5-star holiday experience.

Join other amputees, wives, husbands and partners in the chance to build your confidence, fitness and stamina while exchanging stories and tips on the daily life of being an amputee!

Enjoy the breath-taking scenery of Tenerife and all the 5-star accommodation has to offer whilst either relaxing or working out with the personal trainers, hearing from the nutritionist and enjoying the food made by the in house chef. These are just some of the things you will enjoy while feeling completely confident and helping you to know your ability is stronger than your disability.


Tenerife as an island has become a highly desirable holiday hotspot thanks to its unbeatable climate, excellent quality of life and beautiful, other-worldly landscapes. With an average year-round temperature of 23ºC and a reasonable cost of living, Tenerife is revered as a high-end health and wellness destination with an abundance of exclusive spas and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Tenerife provides a truly stunning natural setting where an unparalleled quality of life can be enjoyed. It stands out on the international scene for its sunny year-round climate, cosmopolitan culture, fresh healthy cuisine and laid back atmosphere.


The beautiful villa has a heated pool with a counter current system for physical training, underwater massage and swimming, a barbecue area (great for team bonding) with a shaded dining room, a rest area overlooking the sea and also panoramic mountain views. Whilst you are not training there are many comfortable sunbeds available around the pool and in the gardens. The villa consists of 9 rooms. Prices differ on room option

 all-inclusive fitness boot camp in tenerife spain, Tenerife Retreat
 all-inclusive fitness boot camp in tenerife spain, Tenerife Retreat