Tenerife Retreat

Terms & Conditions

boxing camp and yoga retreat in tenerife canary islands Spain

1. We are looking forward to your visit. Please read through the terms and conditions and confirm that you have read and understood all of the following information by submitting this form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@tenerife-retreat.com

  1. Booking process: Fill out a guest form, and accept and submit the T&C's, then pay the requested amount displayed. Once payment is accepted you will receive a confirmation letter within 10 minutes of securing your place at The Retreat. Within the confirmation letter there is a link to complete. This is your medical declaration form, this is essential to complete and needs filling in and sending back to The Retreat before arrival.
  2. Risks

The Tenerife Retreat is an all year-round retreat. At The Retreat timings and activities are important. If for any reason you do not turn up or arrive late to our activities, we are not obliged to wait for you, and we will continue with our normal routine. 

3.1. We will be doing a lot of our workouts in different places, for which transport will be provided and you will be taken to and from the location. This is why it is important you are on time and ready to go.

3.2. While at The Retreat you are not obliged to participate in any of the physical activities provided. We do encourage you to take part, but the choice is yours. There will be no refund for clients who do not want to participate in any of the activities during their stay. 

3.3. Risks may occur when participating in physical exercise. If you sustain or claim to sustain any injury during/after physical activity or appear to be unwell, tired or unable to participate for any reason, you must tell the trainers immediately. They will review the situation and decide what is best for you and your health, and whether you are able to continue or advised to stop.

3.4. All workouts and activities provided by The Retreat are undertaken at your own risk. The Retreat will make sure that all workouts and activities are safe and will advise you of any potential dangers. If you take part in our activities, it is at your own risk. 

3.5. There will be no refund if you sustain an injury or for any other reason that might stop you from participating during your stay at The Retreat. Your travel insurance should be able to cover any injuries or unforeseen problems which may occur during your stay.

3.6. The Retreat guests are advised that there can be extreme sunlight and high temperature conditions in Tenerife, especially in the Summer. Increased fluid intake, sunscreen and hats are strongly advisable. Water will be provided during activities. We recommend you bring high factor sun creams and suitable hats; this will help prevent causes of sunburn, sunstroke, dehydration, fatigue and some more serious matters.

3.7. Not following instructions safely, and/or you are behaving or acting unreasonably or in a threatening manner towards The Retreat or any other individual, then we may ask you to stop participating or if under serious circumstances you may be asked to leave The Retreat without a refund.

3.8. The Retreat reserve the right to refuse any guests or returning guests, if we feel they would affect the group in a negative way. If the person/s have certain issues that need to be dealt with before returning. A doctor’s note may be required. Or for any reason necessary, we reserve the right not to accept a booking. 

3.9. The Retreat fully advises you to have the necessary travel insurance recommended for this type of holiday. It is very important, but it is up to the guest to purchase their own personal travel insurance. If you do not have any or the correct insurances, we take no responsibility for any unforeseen problems. 

4. Cancellation charges and payments

4.1. When booking The Retreat, you will need to pay 20% of the booking to secure your place. This is done via our secure payment system called Stripe. You can then pay in instalments, but the total amount is due 8 weeks before the arrival date. If you fail to do so you will lose your place and there is no refund. (Unless you notify the office and have made special arrangements)

The full amount is due 8 weeks before the arrival date. If for any reason you have to cancel your booking these charges will be applied based on the number of days before your arrival date, that the written notification of cancellation is received via email. 

Before 12 weeks of arrival you are entitled to a full refund excluding the initial 20% deposit and a £50 admin fee.

4.2. We try never to cancel a confirmed booking but reserve the right to do so. If we cancel a confirmed booking before your arrival The Retreat will offer the guest a choice of a full refund or another available date. No refunds on flights will be given because this should be covered by your own travel insurance. We will take into consideration the length of notice guests receives; We will pay you reasonable compensation if appropriate or money towards booked flights, but this is having regard to the nature of the cancellation and length of notice given.

4.3. If the cancellation was caused by unforeseen circumstance and out of The Retreats control, there will be no refund, but you will be able to transfer your booking free of charge to another available date. Unforeseen circumstances should be covered in your Travel insurance, (Example: air strikes, weather delays, pandemics).

4.4. At The Retreat we will try and keep our activities / services as they are stated at the time of booking. If we are unable to provide some of our services, we will make every possible effort to arrange alternative arrangements.

4.5. If there are any changes during your stay, we will make sure that they are appropriate and in keeping. Such as, if a certain afternoon activity cannot be carried out due to the weather, then we might have to change our activity plan and do another activity instead.


5. Facilities and Staff

The facilities and activities we offer on our website are designed for all types of individuals. They are not personalized, nor for one body type. We have designed our workouts for group training and not for individuals.

5.1. The Retreat staff are licensed personal trainers/instructors and will do their best to adapt any exercises if needed. They will not be able to be with one client solely during their time at The Retreat. We provide group circuit sessions, not personal sessions. During the hikes, it is very important to listen to your instructor/s at all times and for the guest to be aware that we will be hiking so heights will be involved and if any accidents do happen this should be covered under the guests Travel Insurance. Our Yoga and Boxercise sessions are prepared by professional and experienced instructors and their sessions will vary between relax and flow sessions.  

5.2. Instructors will do their upmost to ensure the best possible workouts and to solve any problems that might occur to the best of their ability. Booking at The Retreat signifies your acceptance of the week’s activities and services.

5.3. You will be provided with Fresh towels and linen when you arrive at The Retreat. There is also washing and iron facilities at The Retreat.

5.4. Towels for the pool/beach are provided.

5.5. Towels provided at The Retreat must stay on the premises and not be used at the beach or outside of The Retreat. 

5.6. We also expect towels or any belongings of The Retreat not to be taken and remain The Retreats Property. 


        6. Smoking & Drinking

At The Retreat we want to make your stay as pleasurable and wonderful as possible and to do this we need you to obey some standard rules for yourself and others to enjoy the stay. No smoking in the villa (a designated area outside will be provided for any smokers), drinking in moderation, respect all of The Retreat facilities, equipment and staff. We expect good behaviour and respect from all of our guests. Not doing so could result in a fine. (depending what is damaged or any unruliness) or being asked to leave The Retreat

6.1. If you use the communal kitchen, we expect you to clean up after yourself, keep it tidy and label anything that goes into the client fridge / cupboards. If you break anything accidentally, please let us know so we can replace it, or have it fixed.

6.2. As The Retreat has communal areas we ask you to be mindful and respectful of the other people in the house at The Retreat and to keep noise to a suitable level for everyone. This is a place to relax, recuperate and train hard. 

6.3. The Retreat will be providing 6 pre-workout light breakfasts, shakes and buffet style healthy brunch, 5 days of post-workout snacks during and 6 healthy evening meals during your stay we also provide 1 evening meal in one of our local restaurants. We will be asking you to provide us with any dietary requirements so we can arrange suitable options for you during your stay.

6.4. Any dietary requirements not stated will be at risk or fault of the person/persons.

7. Personal belongs

7.1. There will be a safe box in your room and a key to lock your door. It will be your responsibility to keep your belongings safe or in your safety box and lock your doors; we are not liable for anything being misplaced, lost or stolen. Please make sure your insurance covers this. The only people able to have access to your room will be the staff, for cleaning/change over services.

7.2. We are a small business with only up to 10 guests at a time attending The Retreat.  We ensure that if you have any problems or are suspicious of anyone while staying at The Retreat to please make us aware asap so we can review and deal with the situation accordingly and with caution.


8. Medical declaration

I certify that I will fill in my medical declaration form/questionnaire, honestly and to the best of my knowledge. I agree that it is my responsibility to inform The Retreat of any conditions or changes in my health.

8.1. I am able to take part in the activities or similar activities stated at the time of booking and I am unlikely to suffer any illness or injury during my stay at The Retreat.

8.2. Failure to disclose any information that is required in the forms given, may result in The Retreat terminating the contract and withdrawing the guest from the activity / service on the grounds of incorrect information. The client would not be entitled to any refund of payments.

8.3. The form/questionnaire to be filled in are personal to the client and cannot be filled in or signed by anyone else. Should there be any changes to the client it is the client’s responsibility to inform The Retreat in writing.

We will use your personal information you provide to us for:













12 Travel Insurance

12.1. it is absolutely essential you have full travel insurance otherwise we are allowed to deny entry into The Retreat. 


13. I certify that I have read and understood all of the above and I agree to all of the terms and conditions stated. Please tick the box in the booking form to confirm this.